Office of Global Services-Questions about obtaining permanent residence

Office of Global Services-Questions about obtaining permanent residence

The entire process of trying to get permanent residence according to wedding is complicated. Numerous faculty that is international staff, and site visitors at Indiana University have actually questions regarding it.

We now have collected several of the most regular concerns and have actually supplied helpful responses below. The applying web web page may answer a lot more of the questions you have. We also encourage you to definitely e mail us for assistance.

Develop the info below can help you comprehend the basic procedure, however it is maybe maybe not legal counsel. You might need to consult an immigration lawyer.

The status of one’s fiancee or fiance

What exactly is a fiancйe or fiancй visa?

The K visa lets you enter the united states of america to have hitched. The U.S. citizen fiancйe or fiancй must register a petition with USCIS. Processing takes approx 4 to 6 months, and includes a job interview with all the fiancйe or fiancй that is abroad.

My fiancй is American, but he doesn’t have U.S. passport, merely a card that is green.

He’s maybe not really a U.S. citizen—he is just a permanent resident. He is able to use before you can even apply for a green card for you to become a permanent resident too, but because of the quota you will have a long wait.

If my fiancй, a permanent resident, is applicable for me personally in order to become a permanent resident directly after we get hitched, can I remain in the usa?

As long as you’ve got a valid visa that is nonimmigrant the complete waiting duration (presently, about 5 years).

Financial needs

We heard that USCIS will ask my spouse to exhibit that she will constantly help me personally. Why?

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