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Or, as in my case, an employee of the STO in Bemowo, no – because the employer treats me fairly and properly appreciates my work. Of course, in the latter case, personally I would be willing to join a nationwide protest for reasons of solidarity, but probably easier for me to be with the conviction that the whole action is not just about money. Unfortunately, the observation of teacher trade union activities such belief does not raise. The survey ends PNA place to enter their own proposals. In no more than a hundred characters. Ad hoc comes to mind: starvation or build tent city next to the Ministry of Education, in both cases, be sure the camera eyes, the best of masters: Broniarz and Proks starring. I doubt whether the public would be willing to pay attention and take such a sacrifice. What to complete indifference from the government do not have any doubt – experience disabilities protest in the parliament hardly in this matter as a source of optimism. In this way I got to the end of the survey, which unfortunately, not grabbed me with your suggestions. I write this with sadness, because I think that a movement of social protest in general the quality of the education system, not only the wages of teachers, it is extremely necessary. However, I would not limit myself here only for review. Propose your own idea, however, differs from the scheme protest action. Maybe someone will provide the address of the PNA …? Luckily, here I use more than a hundred characters. * * * In the various discussions concerning changes in the education real essay writer system often appears the question of the core curriculum. Continue reading “ – JQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’).”